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        1. 女孩為夢想而努力 Girls struggle to pursue dreams

          Girls at a training course offered by the "Care for Girls" program in Qingjian county, Shaanxi province, talked about their pursuit of dreams despite living in unfavorable conditions. ...

          閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-07-10

          遺棄男孩稱接到大額捐款 Abandoned boy claimed after receiving large donations

          A 14-year-old abandoned child in De'e township, Longlin county, Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region, has been claimed by a relative and local officials after 5 million yuan ($802,000) was donated for him, CCTV reported on Wednesday. ...

          閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-06-26

          六名高考替考學生受處罰 6 Students Punished for Gaokao Cheating

          Six candidates in Central China's Henan Province for the national college entrance examination, or "gaokao," have been punished for organizing substitutes to sit the exam in their place, local education authorities said on Tuesday. ...

          閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-06-25

          專家稱:狗肉節“不合法”Experts: Dog meat festival 'illegal'

          Judicial experts and animal specialists have said an upcoming festival that serves dog meat in Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region is illegal.一些司法專家及動物學者們聲稱廣西壯族自治區即將到來的狗肉節是不合法的。 ...

          閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-06-16

          2016年廣州半數學校覆蓋無線網 Half of Guangzhou Digital School Will be Covered With Wi-Fi in 2016

          The public school of Guangzhou will basically achieve that there are 1000M broadband access to science and education network, and achieve Campus Access to ICTs by 2015. ...

          閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-04-01

          在韓中國人民志愿軍烈士遺骸回家了 The Chinese Remains of the Martyrs in South Korea Come Home

          According to the agreement of Chinese and Korea and with the joint effort of relevant department, the two sides decided to hold a handover ceremony at 7:30a.m 28th, March. ...

          閱讀全文 作者:adreep 2014-03-28